Protect Oregon Driver Licenses

Protect Oregon Driver Licenses

Senate Bill 833 was recently passed in the Oregon legislature and signed into law on May 1. This law gives driver privilege cards to illegal aliens in Oregon. Protect Oregon Driver Licenses has filed a referendum (#301) to place SB 833 on the 2014 ballot so that voters can decide for themselves whether they want this law to be implemented in Oregon. Your signature and that of 58,142 others will make that possible.

Here are petitions and referendum documents that you can view and print.

Petition signature sheet (electronic version). This is a single signature sheet. It includes a summary of SB 833. To sign, print this sheet on white paper only – colored paper is not allowed. Then follow instructions on the sheet. Mail signed petition sheets to the address below. Note: Signature sheets are not to be printed out and distributed. They are for personal use only.

SB 833 signed bill. This is the full signed bill: SB 833.

Return your signature sheet to the following address:

Protect Oregon Driver Licenses
PO Box 7354
Salem OR 97303

503 435-0141

If you would like to gather the signatures of friends and family, please contact Protect
Oregon Driver Licenses and the group will send you the supplies needed to collect
signatures (See links). or


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