www.ProtectOregonDL.org: “Let No Referendum Signature Go Uncounted”

www.ProtectOregonDL.org: “Let No Referendum Signature Go Uncounted”

September 25, 2013

Protect Oregon Driver Licenses Campaign Participants:

Protect Oregon Driver Licenses, SB 833 Referendum (#301) Campaign, asks that by October 1st (Counting today, Sept. 25th — within the next six days) all referendum signature sheets be returned to the referendum’s petitioners so that the signatures of signees, on a mixture of many thousands of individual and ten-line signature sheets, can all be validated for accuracy and authenticity by referendum campaign staff:

Protect Oregon Driver Licenses
PO Box 7354
Salem, OR 97303
Phone: 503-435-0141
Website contact form: http://www.protectoregondl.org/contact-protect-oregon-driver-licenses

Persons who are registered Oregon voters, who haven’t yet signed a SB 833 referendum (#301) signature sheet, can go online to the Protect Oregon Driver Licenses’ website (http://www.protectoregondl.org/ or http://www.protectoregondl.com) and find a single line signature sheet to download, print out, sign and mail to the referendum’s petitioners.

Let me say it again, “Let No Referendum Signature Go Uncounted,” Protect Oregon Driver Licenses Campaign Participants please return your signed and dated referendum (#301) signature sheets to the referendum’s petitioners by the October 1st deadline.


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