Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

February 8, 2018


It has been an interesting first full week in the month of February when it comes to criminal aliens (illegal aliens) here in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

This week we take a look at for your radio listeners at an illegal alien who while in Oregon overtly sexually preyed on a child.

On Monday, May 8, 2017 undocumented Mexican national Santiago Martinez-Flores (an apparent alias), age 48, was arrested by Clackamas County Sherriff’s Deputies. A view of the Clackamas County Jail website revealed Martinez-Flores was charged with one count of Sexual Abuse One, one count of Unlawful Sexual Penetration One, one count of Rape One, one count of Burglary One, one count of Coercion and four counts of Identity Theft.

The charges against Santiago Martinez-Flores (SID: 11153940) are related in part to a February 26, 2017 incident with a nine year old girl.

Prior to his arrest by Clackamas County Sherriff’s Deputies, Santiago Martinez-Flores was arrested at the United States / Mexico border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers on April 26, 2017 relating to the February 26, 2017 criminal charges he was wanted for in Clackamas County, Oregon. After his arrest by CBP officers Martinez-Flores was turned over to the U.S. Marshals for extradition back to Oregon.

According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection April 27, 2017 press release CBP placed an immigration detainer on Santiago Martinez-Flores.

On Friday, February 2, 2018 Santiago Martinez-Flores was found guilty after a four day jury trial in a Clackamas County Circuit room for the crimes of Sex Abuse One, Unlawful Sexual Penetration One, Attempted Rape One, Burglary One and Coercion.

Wanting to know the actual current immigration status of Santiago Martinez-Flores, I contacted via e-mail on Monday, February 5, 2018 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Public Affairs Officer / Spokesperson Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe.

On Monday February 5th a Clackamas County Circuit Court judge sentenced to Isidro Flores-Ramos (aka Santiago Martinez-Flores) to 27 years to be served in the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) prison system.

On the morning of Thursday, February 8th, here is what ICE Public Affairs Officer/Spokesperson Pitts O’Keefe had to say via e-mail in response to my inquiry for information on Santiago Martinez-Flores:

“Hi David, here is our statement:

“Isidro Flores-Ramos (aka Santiago Martinez-Flores), a citizen of Mexico illegally in the U.S., was previously deported to Mexico in 2001.

Deportation Officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) lodged a detainer on Mr. Flores-Ramos with the Oregon Department of Corrections Feb. 7 after he was convicted this week of multiple felonies, including unlawful sexual abuse and penetration, attempted rape, burglary, coercion, as well as several misdemeanor charges..” – Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe

Analysis of the preceding information:

Criminal illegal alien Mexican national Isidro Flores-Ramos (aka Santiago Martinez-Flores) had a criminal history dating back to 1994. He was deported to Mexico in 2001 after serving two years in the Oregon Department of Corrections prison system for various crimes.

But that didn’t dissuade Isidro Flores-Ramos from illegally reentering the United States and returning to Oregon to eventually sexually abuse, sexually penetrate and attempt to rape a nine year old girl on February 26, 2017.

Isidro Flores-Ramos being incarcerated for 27 years in the DOC prison system I don’t think will ever bring any peace of mind to the potential nightmares of a nine year old girl, a future young woman, a likely young mother, because she will know that in her life time a monstrous child predator like Isidro Flores-Ramos will eventfully be released from prison, deported back to Mexico, to possibly prey again on little girls.

Lars, the first full week of February and another criminal alien report for Lars Larson Show KXL FM 101.1 Pacific Northwest radio listeners.




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