Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

June 6, 2013


It has been an interesting first full week in the month of June when it comes to criminal aliens here in the State of Oregon.

On June 4th the Oregon Medical Examiner (OME) reported 223 deaths in 2012 in the state were caused by the illicit drugs; the preceding number of illicit drug deaths is third highest number since the OME started reporting drug related deaths in 2002. The types of drugs that killed 223 of the state’s residents were heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or a combination of the preceding drugs.

Anyone interested monitoring foreign national crime in the state, after reviewing the following numbers, will notice a correlation between Oregon counties that currently have the most criminal aliens in the Oregon Department of Correction (DOC) prison system for drug crimes also had the most illicit drug related deaths last year.

According to the May 1st DOC Inmate Population Profile there were 1,066 prisoners incarcerated for drug crimes, 166 of those prisoners had immigration holds, that’s 15.57 percent of DOC prisoners held for drug crimes.

Here is a breakdown of the 166 criminal aliens held for drug crimes in DOC prisons by number per county and percentage (%) per county: 0-Baker (0.00%), 1-Benton (0.60%), 12-Clackamas (7.23%), 0-Clatsop (0.00%), 1-Columbia (0.60%), 2-Coos (1.20%), 0-Crook (0.00%), 0-Curry (0.00%), 2-Deschutes (1.42%), 4-Douglas (2.41%), 0-Gilliam (0.00%), 0-Grant (0.00%), 0-Harney (0.00%), 0-Hood River (0.00%), 27-Jackson (16.26%), 0-Jefferson (0.00%), 0-Josephine (0.00%), 4-Klamath (2.41%), 0-Lake (0.00), 5-Lane (3.01%), 0-Lincoln (0.00%), 2-Linn (1.20%), 0-Malheur (0.00%), 30-Marion (18.07%), 0-Morrow (0.00%), 46-Multnomah (27.71%), 0-OOS (0.08%), 2-Polk (1.20%), 0-Sherman (0.00%), 1-Tillamook (0.60%), 2-Umatilla (1.20%), 1-Union (0.60), 0-Wallowa (0.00%), 0-Wasco (0.00%), 23-Washington (13.85%), 0-Wheeler (0.00%), and 1-Yamhill (0.60%).

Now let us compare to the preceding Oregon counties with criminal aliens in the DOC prison system for drug crimes to those same county’s’ number of illicit drug related deaths.

Here is a breakdown of the 223 illicit drug related deaths that occurred last year by number per county and percentage (%) per county: 1-Baker (0.45%), 1-Benton (0.45%), 13-Clackamas (5.83%), 4-Clatsop (1.79%), 1-Columbia (0.45%), 4-Coos (1.79%), 0-Crook (0.00%), 0-Curry (0.00%), 5-Deschutes (2.24%), 5-Douglas (2.24%), 0-Gilliam (0.00%), 0-Grant (0.00%), 1-Harney (0.45%), 2-Hood River (0.90%), 19-Jackson (8.52%), 0-Jefferson (0.00%), 1-Josephine (0.45%), 3-Klamath (1.34%), 2-Lake (0.90), 15-Lane (6.73%), 2-Lincoln (0.90%), 1-Linn (0.45%), 0-Malheur (0.00%), 19-Marion (8.52%), 0-Morrow (0.00%), 103-Multnomah (46.19%), 0-OOS (0.08%), 0-Polk (0.00%), 0-Sherman (0.00%), 1-Tillamook (0.45%), 0-Umatilla (0.00%), 0-Union (0.00), 0-Wallowa (0.00%), 0-Wasco (0.00%), 17-Washington (7.62%), 0-Wheeler (0.00%), and 3-Yamhill (1.34%).

The high number of criminal aliens sent to prison from Clackamas, Jackson, Lane, Marion, Multnomah and  Washington counties compared to those same county’s illicit drug related deaths should be viewed as more than coincidental.

What nationality are the criminal aliens who are dealing drugs that are likely killing the residents of the state?

The self-declared counties of origin of the 166 criminal aliens in DOC prisons incarcerated for drug crimes by number and percentage (%) per country equated to the following: 1-China (0.60%), 3-El Salvador (1.81%), 2-Guatemala (1.20%), 3-Honduras (1.81%), 2-Laos (1.20%), 151-Mexico (91.00%),  2-others (1.20%), 1-Russia (0.60%), and 1-Vietnam (0.60%).

A well known fact, most of the illicit drugs killing Oregonians are produced, manufactured and smuggled into the country by drug cartels operating out of Mexico.

To keep the Mexican drug cartel’s illicit drugs from being easily distributed across Oregon, drugs that are killing the state’s residents, your listeners should go to the “Protect Oregon Driver Licenses” referendum website ( ) and download signature sheet, sign it, and mail their signature sheet to the petitioners

Lars, the first full week in the month of June and another criminal alien report for Lars Larson Show FM 101.1 radio listeners.



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