Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

January 10, 2013


It has been an interesting second full week in the month of January when it comes to criminal aliens here in the State of Oregon.

This week we have an update on pair of criminal aliens we reported on to your radio listeners in early December 2012.

At a traffic stop on Saturday, December 8th, Oregon State Police (OSP) arrested Feliciano Ayala-Cardenas of San Jose, California and Sergio Gustazo Pineda-Villanueva of Aloha, Oregon on drug related charges.

During the traffic stop, the OSP found concealed in the SUV occupied by Ayala-Cardenas and Pineda-Villanueva three pounds of Methamphetamine and one pound of Heroin.

Both men were charged with Delivery of Methamphetamine and Possession of Methamphetamine, moreover, Delivery of Heroin and Possession of Heroin.

Since December 2012, Ayala-Cardenas and Pineda-Villanueva have been incarcerated at the Douglas County Jail where U.S. DHS–ICE agents have identified them as possibly being in the country illegally.

The resulting arrests of Feliciano Ayala-Cardenas and Sergio Gustazo Pineda-Villanueva have led the OSP and Polk County law enforcement officials to the take down of a major drug trafficking organization involving 11 individuals in Polk County.

Of the 11 individuals arrested for multiple drug crimes in Polk County, currently three, Roberto Ruiz-Sandoval, a resident of Independence; Jose Bertin Cruz-Estrada Rafael, also a resident of Independence; and Rafael Telliz-Solorzano, a resident of Monmouth; have been identified by ICE agents as possibly being in the country illegally.

Moving on, we have an educational opportunity for Lars Larson Show radio listeners concerning the “War on Drugs” our country currently faces.

On January 26th the Documentary Film “Drug Wars: Sliver or Lead” will be shown in Salem. A special opportunity will be made available to meet the film’s maker Gary “Rusty” Fleming.

Title: Drug Wars: Sliver or Lead
Showing: January 26th
Time: 1 – 4 P.M.
Location: Salem Public Library – Loucks Auditorium
Address: 585 Liberty St SE Salem, OR 97301

Directions to Central Library

Contact for questions:

Oregonians For Immigration Reform

Lars, the second full week of January, and another criminal alien report for your FM 101.1 radio listeners.



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