Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report

October 18, 2012


It has been an interesting third full week in the month of October when it comes to criminal aliens here in the State of Oregon.

Wednesday, September 17th, the Washington County Jail in Hillsboro, Oregon had 71 criminal aliens incarcerated at the jail, 12.41% of the jail population the United States (U.S.) Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents had identified as possibly being in the county illegally. Eleven of the 71 criminal aliens with U.S. DHS–ICE holds at the Washington County Jail were involved in some type of drug crime, 15.49% of the alien jail population (3-cocaine, 3-heroin, 2-methamphetamine, and 3-marijuana).

This week we have a specific criminal alien of the week to report to your radio listeners.

Eloy Vasquez-Santiago was arrested on September 29, 2012 in San Diego County California and returned to Oregon where in a Washington County courtroom on Wednesday, October 16th, he faced being charged with two single counts of Murder and Identity Theft in connection with the death of Maria Bolanos-Rivera.

After the disappearance Bolanos-Rivera on August 26, 2012, Vasquez-Santiago apparently fled the state to California and then to Mexico. Although his reasoning is unclear at this time, Vasquez-Santiago surrendered on September 29th to law enforcement authorities at the California-Mexico border.

The body of Maria Bolanos-Rivera as of yet has not been recovered by law enforcement authorities.

Including Vasquez-Santiago, the Washington County Jail is currently holding four criminal aliens U.S. DHS–ICE agents have identified as possibly being in the county illegally who also await trial on murder charges; 5.63% of the alien jail population.

Lars, the third full week of October and another criminal alien report for Lars Larson Show FM 101.1 radio listeners.


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